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On the pitch there are a few sensible nods to the DS' feature-set.

Replays, most notably, are handled rather nicely, with a touch-screen interface allowing you to orbit the camera around the ball using the stylus.

Our mission is to provide high quality software and services.

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The journey takes just under 2 hours, with travellers arriving at Brussels Midi train station, just outside central Brussels. while the last trains into Brussels are in the early morning. The journey time on the Eurostar between London and Brussels can range from 2 hours to 2 hours and 10 minutes. The prices for trains to Brussels tend to increase the closer to your journey you book. Brussels-South, also known as Brussels-Midi station, Gare du Midi or Zuidstation, is located in the south of the city.

The city's excellent metro system will whisk you from there to the heart of the city in minutes. Ideally to get the chepest train tickets, try to book 90 days in advance. Prices for trains to Brussels differ depending on the point of departure The average cost of the Eurostar train to Brussels from London is around £100. Good connections can be found from here to European destinations as well as other cities in Belgium.

One capsule even contains the entire Japanese national team. You can input Friend Codes (joy), search for a player of similar skill or just settle for anyone who's connected.

Games are sometimes jerky in unhelpful areas, and switching off doesn't seem to be a blot on anyone's record, but the fact it's there at all is fairly surprising.