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Your today’s attitude about Christian adult dating web site is quite admirable. We mean, we are not naive to the fact that it’s the Christian adult dating web site all and people need to get their great shopping done, but it amazes us because we have been learning that sample because of what has happened recently in every adult dating web site with online dating service, consumer spending has went down. So whilst I will not promise the single Christians on my site are perfect – many are great people and everyone is different so please give people a chance – sometimes what you think is unsuitable may turn out to be what you need once you get to know a person – and vice versa of course.

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When going on a date with someone of a different faith, it’s likely that you’ll have many other shared interests that brought you together in the first place.

The golden rule is to not try to push your beliefs onto the other person!

I'm kind of offended that my first Bad Advice I Read on Pinterest blog post did not eliminate specious advice from Pinterest altogether.

I believe that in order to make any romantic relationship last, you have to connect the two relationships to become one.

When you are connected to God’s love, and your ideal man is also connected, then you both become connected in the process.