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This sketch, based on a drawing by William Blake, depicts a benumbed Ezekiel who was instructed by Yhwh not to mourn the death of his wife (see Ezekiel -27).

Source: Drawing by Daniel Hornschemeier Bandstra based on William Blake's The Babylonian period, technically referred to by historians as the neo-Babylonian period, extended from around 630 to 539 BCE (see Table 11.1).

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When the defendant made his only court appearance in the case, before magistrates in Peterlee, on April 13, he was charged with four counts of attempted grievous bodily harm, with intent, two of criminal damage, affray, common assault, plus driving while disqualified and without insurance.

During the scheduled Durham Crown Court plea hearing, held in his absence, a start date of October 2 was agreed by all parties for an anticipated five-day trial, to be staged at Teesside Crown Court.

But a judge does not intend to take any action against defendant Luther Paul Awkonum, as he did not have the modern facility of a prison to court video link available to him for the hearing.

Instead, a provisional date was set for his trial, should he subsequently deny the various charges he is facing.

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What was happening in the First World War 100 years ago?

1 Introduction 2 Ezekiel’s Warnings 3 Jeremiah and Judah’s Last Kings 4 Books of the Twelve Study Guide Anathoth, Baruch, Complaints of Jeremiah, Exile, Ezekiel, Habakkuk, Hananiah, Jehoiachin, Jehoiakim, Jeremiah, Josiah, Josiah's reform, Nahum, Nebuchadrezzar, New covenant, Throne-chariot, Zadok, Zedekiah, Zephaniah William Blake's Ezekiel was one of the last classical prophets of Israel.

He interpreted the Babylonian crisis to Jewish refugees in exile.

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